Ohio Cash Loan

If you are having money problems and living from paycheck to paycheck, this can become a terrible situation for all involved. Many people from Ohio and other states use payday loans to help during financial emergencies. Ohio cash loans have become very popular, along with going online to such websites as This website offers payday loans to help between your paydays when emergencies arise. If you need a few hundred dollars for car repairs or any other financial crisis you may have, Ohio cash loans are available.

There is no credit check required, and by providing a pay stub from your employer to the lender, you will be on your way to getting the cash you need right away. Your pay stub will allow the lender to calculate the loan amount you will be eligible to receive. Sometimes, the lender may require that you have direct deposit in order to get the loan.

You can apply online at for a fast payday loan to meet your needs. It will be a short-term loan where you will write a check out to the lender for the entire amount, along with any fees that may apply. Your check will be post dated for the date that your loan will be due. When the due date arrives, the lender will cash the check and keep the fees. The Ohio Check Cashing Loan Act regulates the loan industry, keeping all parties protected. There is a maximum fee of five percent interest charged and also a $5 fee charged for each $50 borrowed. For an Ohio cash loan, there is a six-month timeframe for all loans with no rollovers allowed. One payday loan is allowed for each customer at a time, and all bank charges must be disclosed prior to giving the loan.