How It Works

If you are now faced with an unexpected financial emergency, you have come to the right place. The lending market is still tight and if you have bad credit or no established credit at all, getting a quick infusion of cash can seem like a nearly impossible task.

Luckily, can help. We are not lenders and don't actually make any type of loans. But we do provide a free referral service to people with emergency financial needs, just like you. We do our best to keep the process quick and easy. Here's a brief description of how things work when you apply for a payday cash loan.

First, you will need to fill out an application form which is located on our secure website. Be sure to answer all the information fully and correctly. This helps save time when the lender is considering your application. Always give a second contact phone number if at all possible as this makes it easier to verify your personal information. You will need to provide proof of income as well, such as a recent paystub. Once your application is fully completed, will forward the information you provide to one or more lenders for consideration.

You must meet some basic requirements in order to apply for a payday cash loan. These are: be a U.S. citizen, be at least 18 years of age, be currently employed or have other verifiable sources of income, and have earnings of at least $1000/month.

Payday cash loans are generally available from $100 to $1000. The amount you are approved for normally depends on your income and level of outstanding debt. Remember that not all lenders offer the maximum amount of funds and transfer times can vary among the different lenders.

Once you have submitted your online application the approval process usually takes about 90 seconds! It's important to note that not everyone will qualify for a payday loan. aims to match you with a lender who can help you with your financial needs but there is no guarantee you will be approved.

In some instances, lenders will run a credit check on an applicant based on the information provided on the application and the amount of funds requested. Some lenders may verify the Social Security Number and other information given by the applicant. Bad credit does not automatically disqualify a person from obtaining a payday cash loan.

Once your loan has been approved your lender will transfer the cash money directly into your bank account usually within one business day. It can sometimes take longer if additional paperwork is required from an incomplete application.

Borrowing money is a serious matter. Payday cash loans are considered short-term loans because of the short repayment time (usually two weeks). For this reason, you should only enter into a cash loan agreement after reading and understanding everything in your contract.

Make certain you will be able to fully repay the loan when it becomes due to avoid additional penalties, fees and interest. You always have the right to refuse a loan offer, even after being approved. If you do not like the terms and conditions of your loan, you may refuse to sign the loan agreement. You may then re-apply with another lender.

Payday cash loans should only be used for true financial emergencies. They are not designed as a solution to serious debt problems. strongly encourages you to consider other means of borrowing such as a small personal loan from your bank or credit union, credit card cash advances, borrowing from a trusted friend or relative, or getting an advance on your pay from your employer.

Investigate your options thoroughly. No matter where you look for a loan, always borrow the least amount possible. Be a responsible borrower!