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Great Company

They have helped me out for 10 years now.

Name: Anonymous

Location: Orlando

Service: 5 Cost: 5 Funded: 5 Use Again: 0

Learning the hard way, but gaining the knowledge in case I needed them again.

The office that I visited let me know after the first time of using a cash advance that it would be easier on me if I came in to pick up my check instead of having it deposited into my account. I didn't think I would be using them again, but I was wrong and had to wait awhile until it was deposited into my account and then waiting the period of time that they were informed of my deposit. So, from now on I pick up my check instead of having them deposit it, even if I don't plan on using them that month.

Name: Anonymous

Location: Winter Haven, FL

Customer since: 12/2008

Service: 5 Cost: 4 Funded: 4 Use Again: 5

Rapid Cash isn't so rapid at all!

Took them 3 days to fund my account. And After numerous times of speaking with supervisors, managers, finally something got done, and the money hit my account. How does that even happen?

Name: Anonymous

Location: Kansas City

Customer since: 08

Service: 2 Cost: 2 Funded: 1 Use Again: 2