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Great Company

They have helped me out for 10 years now.

Service: 5 Cost: 5 Funded: 5 Use Again: n/a

Learning the hard way, but gaining the knowledge in case I needed them again.

The office that I visited let me know after the first time of using a cash advance that it would be easier on me if I came in to pick up my check instead of having it deposited into my account. I didn't think I would be using them again, but I was wrong and had to wait awhile until it was deposited into my account and then waiting the period of time that they were informed of my deposit. So, from now on I pick up my check instead of having them deposit it, even if I don't plan on using them that month.

Service: 5 Cost: 4 Funded: 4 Use Again: 5

Rapid Cash isn't so rapid at all!

Took them 3 days to fund my account. And After numerous times of speaking with supervisors, managers, finally something got done, and the money hit my account. How does that even happen?

Service: 2 Cost: 2 Funded: 1 Use Again: 2

Rapid Cash is a truly diverse company supplying consumers with reasonable and rapid financial solutions. Headquartered at 5657 Curry Ford Road, in Orlando, Florida, Rapid Cash has a total of ten physical branches all throughout Florida where consumers can access great financial solutions for every need imaginable. Rapid Cash serves up payday advance and cash advance solutions, check cashing services, bill pay options, money transfer options, and more. Rapid Cash currently has physical branches in Orlando, Winter Park, Kissimmee, and Winter Haven, but they also supply consumers with online application offerings.

Rapid Cash payday advance services are readily accessible to consumers that require immediate access to cash for a variety of reasons. Rapid Cash will immediately cash a personal check written out to Rapid Cash and then will hold that check until a consumer gets paid. The value of a post dated check can be written for as much as $500.00 which gives the consumer access to the cash they need today. Certain fees apply, but the fees associated with the payday advanced served up by a professional organization like Rapid Cash are more than reasonable and affordable. This short term financial solution can be paid back in a few weeks time, and can save the consumer from having to deal with embarrassing return check fees or late payments. Monies can be used for rent, mortgage payments, utility bills, medical bills, and more. The consumer readily defines the use for monies gained through Rapid Cash advance options.

The requirements that a qualifying consumer must meet in order to get a cash advance and payday advance from Rapid Cash are simple to meet. The consumer who applies for the options offered by Rapid Cash must have maintained and engaged in active employment for a period of six months, and the consumer must have maintained a residence at the same location for a period of 90 days or more. In addition to the latter requirements, a consumer must also have an active checking account, one that has been active long enough to provide the consumer with pre printed checks which have the consumer's name on the checks, and the account must have been active for 180 days or more. Prior delinquencies on payday advances will cause the consumer to be ineligible for Rapid Cash payday advance offers, and the consumer must be of contractual age: 18 years of age or older. Rapid Cash's fees are based on an $11 dollar fee for every $100 dollars of money borrowed.

Online application processes make access to the fast cash services supplied by Rapid Cash that much faster. Documentation will have to be faxed to the company in order to provide the appropriate proof of met requirements. Once all documentation is successfully submitted and received by Rapid Cash, the company will assess the eligibility of the consumer and if qualified, instant approval is provided. Credit checks are not conducted by Rapid Cash, but the company will do a scan to ensure that no unmet payday loan payments have been accrued by the consumer. Cash is delivered to consumers within a twenty four hour period if the individual qualifies.

Rapid Cash also supplies real estate and mortgage professionals with special services which include advances on sales commissions. When in need of fast cash the consumer can get as much as 80 percent advance on commissions long before the closing date arrives. Meanwhile, check cashing services are yet another superlative service delivered by Rapid Cash and the company handles payroll checks, personal checks, insurance checks, government payments, and local as well as international checks for consumers in need of check cashing services.

For consumers seeking out the fastest tax refund options available, again Rapid Cash addresses such needs with ease. Rapid Cash will assist the consumer with tax processing and E-filing options. Refund anticipation loans are then offered to the consumer and after IRS electronic approval, the consumer receives a check advance against his or her tax refund. Home mortgage loans, bill pay options, money transfer services via Western Union, money order purchasing, prepaid Visa®, Notary services, fax sending capabilities, and the ability to make copies of documentation are all additional services presented by Rapid Cash.

Rapid Cash physical branches are fixed in various cities in the state of Florida. The headquarters of Rapid Cash can be contacted by phone at 407-294-9000, and the company's fax number is 407-207-8849. For customer service convenience, the company provides consumers with a toll free number as well: 1-800-211-CASH, and the company can be reached via email communication at: [email protected]