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This place has gone downhill

I live in the neighborhood and have been using this store for about 5 years. it used to be clean, friendly and open 7 days a week. Over the past year they got new staff who are rude, open late, close early and the place smells like pot smoke. They are supposed to be open Sunday but never are. i still go there because I do not have a car and have to ride the bus to the next payday loan but when i can I get a friend to drive me.You could probably get high just standing in the lobby.

Name: Anonymous

Location: Kent WA

Customer since: 2005

Service: 1 Cost: 3 Funded: 3 Use Again: 1

Photocopying Drivers License

Western Union Transfers should not have customers submit their drivers license to be photocopied each time money is sent. Photocopying someones drivers license is illegal. Asking to see a drivers license is okay. Identity theft may happen when photocopying is allowed by employees. Western Union said they do not require the drivers license to be submitted.

Name: Anonymous

Service: 1 Cost: 0 Funded: 0 Use Again: 1