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This place has gone downhill

I live in the neighborhood and have been using this store for about 5 years. it used to be clean, friendly and open 7 days a week. Over the past year they got new staff who are rude, open late, close early and the place smells like pot smoke. They are supposed to be open Sunday but never are. i still go there because I do not have a car and have to ride the bus to the next payday loan but when i can I get a friend to drive me.You could probably get high just standing in the lobby.

Service: 1 Cost: 3 Funded: 3 Use Again: 1

Photocopying Drivers License

Western Union Transfers should not have customers submit their drivers license to be photocopied each time money is sent. Photocopying someones drivers license is illegal. Asking to see a drivers license is okay. Identity theft may happen when photocopying is allowed by employees. Western Union said they do not require the drivers license to be submitted.

Service: 1 Cost: n/a Funded: n/a Use Again: 1

Money Mart Financial Services, Inc. is the second largest network of retail financial services in the United States. Headquartered in Berwyn, Pennsylvania and Salt Lake City, Utah, Money Mart is a subsidiary of Dollar Financial Group, Incorporated. The company specializes in offering financial services to people who live in areas underserved by traditional banking services. The consumer services Money Mart offers include check cashing, short-term payday loans, tax preparation, and refund receiving services, and Western Union money orders and transfers, as well as prepaid Visa cards and other financial conveniences. Money Mart performs two primary services in the community. The first is to enable customers to cash checks, buy money orders, and perform other basic financial transactions that are difficult to perform when there are no banks in the area or when local banks do not serve the needs of all demographics. The second is to make it possible for customers to meet urgent short-term financial needs with loans whose small amounts and short durations are beneath the limits usually handled by banks, at a speed that no bank can manage.

Money Mart's vision is to become an industry leader in customer service, market saturation, and profit growth; to set a standard for the industry; and to raise the reputation and status of their entire category of consumer financial services. The company is sensitive to the volatile business environment of its business category, and has structured and trained its employees to respond proactively to challenges.

Money Mart has become popular across the United States for its many convenient locations, its late hours, and the many services it offers its customers. Money Mart also prides itself on the quality of its customer service, providing new employees with extensive orientation programs and training to ensure that all employees are fully trained in the company's best practices and customer service policies. The result is a cheerful, helpful, well-informed workforce.

Money Mart and Dollar Financial Group believe in active involvement in the community. Toward that end, Dollar Financial Group has donated over $250,000 in cash to communities it serves, and has sponsored food and clothing drives to raise an additional $150,000. The donations go toward causes like American Greetings Operation Santa, which gives toys to children across the United States at Christmas; The Children's Crisis Treatment Center, which provides mental health services to needy children in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; the cancer charity program at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee; and the Hurricane Katrina Fund. In the past, Dollar Financial Group has also donated to the American Red Cross, Easter Seals Disability Services, and Alex's Lemonade Stand (a childhood cancer charity), as well as charities in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Contact Information

Web site: Phone: (888) 202-9026 Fax: (800) 955-2799 Email: [email protected]


Dollar Financial Group, Inc., an international financial services company with offices in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, is the parent company of Money Mart. Dollar Financial Group also owns the Loan Mart, Money Corner, and Money Shop service marks.


Dollar Financial Group, Inc. 1355 South 4700 West, Suite 200 Salt Lake City, Utah 84104-4431


There are over 350 Money Mart stores in the United States, located in the following 22 states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

Services Offered

Check Cashing: Money Mart will cash all types of checks, including personal, payroll, and government checks, travelers' checks, and money orders. There is no limit to the cash amount, and no identification is required.

Cash 'til Payday Loans: Applicants with a steady source of income, a checking account, and a valid identification can apply to Money Mart for a short-term payday loan. Money Mart issues loans in any Money Mart store or online. The terms are generally for two weeks (renewable at will upon payment of a finance charge, dependent upon state regulations governing rollovers). Because the interest rates are high, Money Mart recommends that payday loans be used only for short-term financial need.

Tax Services: Money Mart assists customers in preparing tax forms, e-filing, and taxing tax checks, as well as offering refund anticipation loans, refund transfer checks, and RALs.

Western Union: Money Mart enables customers to send and receive Western Union money transfers of any amount, and issues money orders up to $500.

MOMENTUM Visa: Money Mart offers the MOMENTUM Visa card, a prepaid card that acts exactly like a regular Visa card without requiring the user to open a line of credit.