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Got my money yo. Twas fast.

Name: Bubba

Customer since: 93

Service: 0 Cost: 0 Funded: 0 Use Again: 0

was easy to borrow $

1st Choice Money Center made it really simple for me to get my loan. I filled out their form, and in 2 days I had money in my bank account. The money really helped me out, I would use them again.

Name: Sally

Location: TX

Customer since: 2008

Service: 3 Cost: 3 Funded: 3 Use Again: 3

Easy Online site to use

This website was really easy to use and sign up for a loan on. The questionnaire they have for you to fill out, pre determines weather or not you will be approved or declined on your application. I guess I had good enough credit to get my loan w/ no issues.

Name: Anonymous

Location: Utah

Customer since: 2008

Service: 4 Cost: 4 Funded: 4 Use Again: 4

If you don't live in Utah

DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS COMPANY. They rarely loan out to people who live in different states.

Name: Shelley

Location: Texas

Customer since: 2007

Service: 1 Cost: 0 Funded: 0 Use Again: 1