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Got my money yo. Twas fast.

Service: n/a Cost: n/a Funded: n/a Use Again: n/a

was easy to borrow $

1st Choice Money Center made it really simple for me to get my loan. I filled out their form, and in 2 days I had money in my bank account. The money really helped me out, I would use them again.

Service: 3 Cost: 3 Funded: 3 Use Again: 3

Easy Online site to use

This website was really easy to use and sign up for a loan on. The questionnaire they have for you to fill out, pre determines weather or not you will be approved or declined on your application. I guess I had good enough credit to get my loan w/ no issues.

Service: 4 Cost: 4 Funded: 4 Use Again: 4

If you don't live in Utah

DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS COMPANY. They rarely loan out to people who live in different states.

Service: 1 Cost: n/a Funded: n/a Use Again: 1

1st Choice Money Center ( continues its stance as one of the premier online short-term loan companies. Customers all over the country have come to depend on 1st Choice Money Center for prompt, easy solutions to their short-term loan needs. It also services payday, installment, and title loans in its brick and mortar facilities located throughout Utah.

In tough economic times when getting a loan is difficult for even the most credit worthy borrowers, a payday loan offers an alternative to traditional loans. 1st Choice Money Center allows even the small borrower with no collateral to obtain money for sudden emergencies. Customers can build their credit, and if needed, may be able to borrow larger amounts as their relationships with 1st Choice Money Center grow over time. In addition to payday loans, the company also offers loans against car titles and installment loans. At their Utah locations, they also have a selection of used vehicles at good prices with easy credit financing.

Persons looking for quick answers to their money problems turn to 1st Choice Money Center because it offers loans as small as $50 with little cumbersome paperwork. Many loan companies advertise themselves as having fast service; 1st Choice Money Center follows through on that promise. Requirements for borrowing money are also minimal. To apply for a payday loan, a borrower need only supply proof of identity and full time employment, as well as a checking account held for at least three months. Many loans can be approved after filling out a brief online application. The request for funds can be completed in a matter of minutes, and funds are wired to the recipient's bank account. Money loaned at one of the company's many Utah locations will be available immediately. Funds borrowed online can often be in a customer's bank account in less than 24 hours.

The 1st Choice Money Center website makes it easy for a prospective customer to figure out the exact cost of borrowing money. Simply fill out an online form to immediately know what the payments will be. Online information about fees and the total cost of the loan are also easily available even before any loan requests are made. Borrowers may ask for a variety of loan lengths depending on their needs and the days when they receive their paychecks. Payments can be made by automatic debits from the borrowers' checking accounts or in cash. 1st Choice Money Center recognizes that unexpected circumstances can occur. Borrowers experiencing a temporary cash squeeze can contact the company before their payments are due and make arrangements to extend loans in good standing. Sometimes, customers may want to pay off their loans before the due dates. A loan that is paid off before it is due is charged only the interest that has accrued up until the time it is repaid.

The interest charged on checking account loans compares favorably with similar loans such as those made by pawn shops. Payday loans, however, require no collateral. A customer does not lose access to any possessions when applying for a payday loan. 1st Choice Money Center will loan up to 20% of a person's monthly take home pay; thus, if a person makes $1,000, the company would loan the borrower up to $200. For each $100 loaned, the borrower would repay $10 a week. A person who borrows $200 and repays that amount in two weeks would owe $240. Many banks charge $40 and more for one returned check. Returned checks also damage a person's credit. For those trying to establish or repair their credit, even one returned check could hurt their efforts tremendously. Using a payday loan wisely can help people keep from further tarnishing dinged credit. Paycheck loans may also assist in reestablishing or strengthening less than perfect credit.

Payday loans should be accessed only as necessitated by short-term financial problems or emergencies. Those who use them should carefully read all the credit terms. They should also be sure that they will have funds in their checking accounts when their payments are due. 1st Choice Money Center wants to work with responsible borrowers to provide them with the loans they need quickly and at terms that fit within their budgets. The company is willing to work with borrowers who might encounter problems repaying, as long as those borrowers remain in close contact with the lender.

For further information about obtaining a paycheck, installment, or vehicle title loan from 1st Choice Money Center, call 1-877-CASH-365. Interested parties may also contact them via e-mail at [email protected].