Missouri Cash Loan

Even when you have everything budgeted, unexpected expenses sometimes come up. Since most Americans live from paycheck to paycheck, these unexpected expenses can break the budget. Payday loan companies offer cash loans to help Missouri residents cover these unexpected expenses and still be able to pay their regular bills.

With so many people without medical insurance, if you need to bring your child to an urgent care facility, you will have to pay once treatment is done and before you leave. You may have a bit of extra money in your budget on your next paycheck, but you cannot wait until you get the paycheck to have your child treated, especially if they are injured or sick. This would be an ideal time for a payday loan from

Payday loan companies do not check your credit. You simply bring in a copy of your most recent pay stub to prove that you have a job and show how much you make per pay period. This will help the Missouri cash loan company determine how large a loan you may receive. If your paycheck is direct deposited into your checking account, you may be eligible for a large loan. To get a payday loan, you need only write a check to for the loan amount plus any applicable fees and dated for the loan due date.

Each state has its own laws for payday loans. Getting a Missouri cash loan is no different. The loan period may be for between 14 and 31 days. Missouri allows payday loans to be rolled over up to 6 times by paying the loan fees and 5% of the loan amount. All fees are limited to no more than 75% of the loan amount. However, should your check bounce, you will be responsible for any court costs and bounced check fees.

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