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Cash Central gave me a cash loan when I needed it most

This company is great. They offer you loans, and have a high acceptance rate. I mean, I got approved, and I don't have stellar credit at all.

Name: Anonymous

Location: PA

Customer since: 2009

Service: 3 Cost: 3 Funded: 5 Use Again: 3

Superb service at Cash Central

I got great service when I used Cash Central for my loan. They are great at what they do.

Name: Jones

Location: Texas

Customer since: 2008

Service: 5 Cost: 5 Funded: 5 Use Again: 5

Needed a loan, and Cash Central helped me

I was in need of a cash loan, and Cash Central really helped me out. If I didn't get this loan I would have been done, was behind on some bills, and couldn't get a paycheck advance from my job. They saved me a lot of heartache.

Name: Anonymous

Location: Ohio

Customer since: 2008

Service: 4 Cost: 4 Funded: 4 Use Again: 4