West Virginia Cash Loan

You may qualify to receive a cash loan, also known as a payday loan, at These kinds of loans are used when a financial emergency happens, and money is all of a sudden hard to come by. A West Virginia cash loan is usually under the amount of $1,000, and is due when the borrower's next payday comes along.

One situation for needing a cash loan is if your brakes have become really bad on your car. Driving is dangerous, but you do not have the extra money right now to purchase new brakes. However, your payday is just a week away, and you will have the money that you need then. This is as good a time as any to apply for a cash loan at

Apply NOW For A Cash loan

Your credit may not be good, but when applying for a cash loan, that's OK. Payday lenders do not check your credit score; they only check to make sure you have a steady job and reliable income before they approve you for a loan. Many lenders will also allow you to borrow larger sums if your paycheck is deposited directly into a personal checking account.

Getting a cash advance from is as simple as writing out a check for the amount of the loan plus finance fees. You will then post date this check, so when your loan is due, the lender can cash the check and receive their money. You usually have the option of paying the loan off in cash and retrieving your un-cashed check, as long as you do it on or before your due date.

West Virginia cash loans are at the moment an illegal activity in the state of West Virginia. Interest rates on any loans in the state are not permitted to go over 31%.

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