Utah Cash Loan

Believe it or not, there are more branches of cash loan companies in Utah than Subway, Burger King and McDonald's restaurants and 7-Eleven stores put together. This is proof positive of the massive surge in popularity of such services. When a citizen of Utah is in emergency financial distress, they are bound to find a loan very easily in this environment.

Imagine that a window in your house gets accidentally broken and it needs to be replaced quickly for reasons of warmth and safety. You're not due to be paid for another week so you need cash very soon to install a new window. This is where a cash loan comes in.

Such loans are, generally speaking, short term i.e. less than a month. The other advantage to them is that they usually amount to less than a standard bank will lend (usually under $1,000). You won't require a credit check to gain your loan either companies simply want evidence that you have a steady job with a regular income.

The usual drill for getting a cash loan is to make out a post-dated check to the lender which comprises the value of the loan plus any associated fees. When the term of the loan is up, the lender will cash the check, clear your balance and keep the fees.

The legal situation at the moment is that the state of Utah puts no limit on the amount of fees that lending companies can charge borrowers. All that lenders are required to do under the law is to inform their clients of the interest charge and fee structures by posting them where they can be viewed easily. Furthermore, loan terms cannot be renegotiated to extend beyond twelve weeks from the original date of issue.

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