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The Think Cash Reps are quick and have good customer service. The loan app is easy the personal account page provides a lot of information. They are open for a long time to assist you quickly.

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When times are tough and financial situations arise, many people do not know where to turn. ThinkCash is a lending service that can solve many emergency financial problems. When life hands you an unexpected event, there is no need to panic. The employees at ThinkCash are there to help. There are many services offered to assist with emergency cash funding. This company provides short-term loans to individuals who need cash funds quickly. The loans provides by ThinkCash are easy to secure. There is an online application to be filled out, and after that, most customers are approved almost instantly. ThinkCash does not offer traditional payday loans. The loans from this lender are much cheaper and the payment options are convenient. There is no worry about having to repay the loan in full when you get your next paycheck. ThinkCash representatives will work out a payment plan that fits your financial needs at the time.

Securing a short-term loan with ThinkCash will save you money. Other lenders charge between $10 and $30 on every $100 borrowed. This adds up to an enormous APR, sometimes over 1000%! At ThinkCash, the primary concern is to help customers regain financial stability. The fee for a short-term loan is only $1 on the $100 per day. Depending on how fast you can repay the loan, the low rate amounts to a huge savings in fees. When a payment plan is agreed upon, customers still have the option for early payment. If they are able to pay off the loan sooner than the due date or before the other installments are due, they will save that much more on fees. There are also no early payment penalties. The interest you pay on the loan will always be $1 a day until the loan is repaid in full. Many other lenders only offer a small amount of money for these short-term loans. ThinkCash can provide a loan from $250 to $2500. Having the access to that amount of cash at the low rate should make ThinkCash your only choice when considering a short-term loan.

Online applications may be submitted at Customers should be aware that ThinkCash does not directly loan the money. All loans are processed through the First Bank of Delaware. This may scare some customers away in thinking that they will need perfect credit to secure the loan. This is not the case. ThinkCash and the bank work hand in hand to assist you in any way possible. The goal of both companies is to offer you the funds needed during an emergency situation. These loans are subject to credit approval, but this does not mean that individuals with less than perfect credit will be denied. The application process is quick and simple. The online forms are safe and secure and all personal information is kept in confidence. Most applications are instantly approved, however, in certain situations, additional documents may be required to verify personal information. Once the application is approved, the First Bank of Delaware will deposit the funds into your checking or savings account on the next business day. Upon loan approval, a payment schedule will be derived. ThinkCash has various payment options. Most loan holders pay no more than $100 per installation. It will all depend on the amount of the loan and how quickly you wish to repay the funds. Keep in mind that the interest charge is only $1 per day on every $100 borrowed. Many people try to repay a loan as quickly as possible to avoid finance charges. This is not a very big concern when securing a loan through ThinkCash.

ThinkCash wants you to be active in all aspects of the borrowing process. This includes having a say in the payment scheduling. Customers are in complete control of repayment. They can choose when the first payment will be and whether they wish to make extra payments or completely pay off the loan. Once the payment schedule is agreed upon, ThinkCash will make automatic deductions for a specified amount from your account. Customers will also have access to their online account. Here they will be able to schedule payments, check the balance of the loan, make extra payments and more.

If you are considering a short-term loan at a low interest rate, ThinkCash may be the answer for you. Representatives are available to answer any questions or address concerns you may have before applying for a loan. To speak with someone about the loan process and to obtain more information, call a representative at 866-420-7157. You can also send an email to customer support by visiting the website ThinkCash could be your solution to emergency financial problems.