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Bad customer service & bad company

I have had several loans from the cash store, but never again!!! I have always paid them in due time and some were paid off early! I recently had some fraud on my bank account and ask the store to give me some time (couple of days) to recover from this. Vicki is the worst customer relations person !!! She has no idea of how irritating and complicated she makes the matter!!! NEVER again!!!!

Service: n/a Cost: n/a Funded: n/a Use Again: n/a


they take advantage of people on ssi they should be taken down

Service: n/a Cost: n/a Funded: n/a Use Again: n/a

Please think before you do it

On 100.00, you pay back 182.00 but they don't forget the debit card fees. please people don't do it

Service: n/a Cost: n/a Funded: n/a Use Again: n/a

The Cash store is the worst company I have ever dealt with

They made a mistake loading my "credit card" a card they charge $18 for without telling you they have a debit card that costs 5, incorrectly. I was charged the full amount of my loan without a credit for the difference. When I asked for a "manager" she completely lied in my face and they refused to admit any mistake

Service: 1 Cost: 1 Funded: 1 Use Again: 1

The Cash Store are horrible business

I don't know where to post this because they don't give an email address on their website. But the cash store preys upon those that are in dire need. I know that I put a 1 in would use again and if I never set foot in another Cash store it would be too soon. The Fees are ridiculous I needed 700 dollars a month ago but am not able to pay it back all at once. They charged me $130 for that 700 dollars which isn't bad. But if you don't pay it off with in 2 weeks they allow you to pay just the interest so I have paid a total of $440 back to them which should have dropped it to about $440 no I still owe 740. $440 DOLLARS AND ALL I PAID BACK WAS $100 AND I STILL OWE MORE THAN WHAT I BORROWED. THAT'S NOT RIGHT NOR IS IT FAIR. STORES LIKE THE CASH STORE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!!!!!! Horrible horrible horrible business practice. My advice if you are in need of money don't go there. They prey on those that don't have money and soak you for everything!!!!! I hate that i even have to business with them but sometimes life throws you curve balls and you have no choice.

Service: 5 Cost: 1 Funded: 5 Use Again: 1

The Cash Store got me a good loan

I have pretty bad credit, Not awful but 500+ and I was able to get a loan from the Cash Store. This was surprising, because no other payday lender I've been to would give me a chance.

Service: 5 Cost: 5 Funded: 5 Use Again: 5

The Cash Store is an entity that was first established in 1996, so the company has more than a decade of experience in delivering superior customer service. The Cash Store has managed to remain ahead of the pack, provides competitive rates and terms, offers quick, fast, and easy approvals, and the best part about the services provided by The Cash Store is that there are absolutely no credit checks involved.

The Cash Store currently has over 250 physical locations, all of which are fixed in Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, and Washington. Consumers can either choose to take time out of their schedule to visit a physical location belonging to The Cash Store, or they can simply apply for the superlative loan offering from the convenient online applications supplied by The Cash Store. Just because The Cash Store does not have physical locations in every state, it does not limit customers not living in such regions, as the superlative services provided by The Cash Store are equally accessible online. This entity is firmly dedicated to supplying the best customer service possible, and the professional team backing the services provided by The Cash Store is fully trained, knowledgeable, and qualified to meet the needs of every individual. If looking for a fast, effective, and superb method of getting emergency cash, The Cash Store is the financial lending institution to turn to.

Many consumers today are faced with pending bills due to the crunch in today's economy. The Cash Store delivers a financial solution that consumers can access in order to meet cash needs with immediacy. Whether seeking a payday loan, an installment loan, or a title loan, The Cash Store has a series of financial solutions that allow consumers to access immediate financial solutions.

The Cash Store supplies payday advances to qualifying individuals, and credit scores do not reflect on whether or not a consumer qualifies. With The Cash Store, consumers seeking financial solutions offered through payday advance services can write out a post dated personal check to The Cash Store and instantly receive cash for the amount of the check written. In order to qualify for the superlative payday cash advance offerings supplied by The Cash Store, the individual must meet the minimum requirements established by the lender which include a regular source of income and documentation supporting the fact that one is employed, a current bank account statement, an active checking account in good standing and personal identification in the form of a state ID or driver's license.

What is so superlative about the payday advances supplied by The Cash Store is that most individuals are approved in as little as fifteen minutes time. In some instances, approval processes are even faster than that! The amount of the payday advance will vary depending upon income and a consumer's ability to repay the payday advance. Certain fees will apply and will clearly depend upon the state where the consumer resides. Consumers interested in applying for payday advance services from The Cash Store can contact the business at 1-888-950-CASH or 1-888-950-2274, or they can pay a visit to The Cash Store's official website at:

The Cash Store has made it the primary goal of their business to place the customer first. Possessing the complete understanding that individuals, no matter what their credit score, encounter life events where they need access to immediate cash, The Cash Store has provided reasonable financial solutions for everyone since 1996. Consumers can fill out secure electronic applications for payday advances, installment loans or title loans and they are guaranteed to be treated with courtesy and professionalism.

Payday advances offered by The Cash Store have a short time frame to be repaid, but The Cash Store also has other options that serve the consumer with longer repayment periods. Installment loans and title loans allow the consumer to have a longer payback period and the interest rates associated with such loans are more than reasonable. Title loans provided by The Cash Store are only available in certain states however and include the states of Wisconsin, Utah, Idaho, Texas, and New Mexico.

Whatever a consumer's immediate cash need, The Cash Store provides consumers with a reasonable method for getting the cash required. The monies offered through the fine services supported by The Cash Store can be used to pay off utility bills, emergency medical bills, overdue medical bills or insurance co-pays, necessary medication, tuition, classes, home mortgage payments, rent, car repairs, boat repairs, home repairs, home renovations, and home improvements. In essence, the consumer defines the use for loans obtained through The Cash Store.