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SuperPawn has great items and loans

They offer great loans, and are very flexible to work with you if you have bad credit. ALSO they offer great items for trade in.

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SuperPawn has been identified as a family owned and operated business for a period of four years. As a family operated business, SuperPawn has had tremendous growth in the financial industry and has quickly climbed the ladder of success. Currently, with 42 physical sites in operation in the states of Arizona, California, Nevada, and Washington, SuperPawn has become the biggest financial solution provider on the west coast. What's more, SuperPawn is the very first pawnshop establishment located in the western regions of the US.

The very first SuperPawn site was first founded in the late 1960s and the business owes its growth to its dedication to professional dealings and fine loan guarantees. By providing fine jewelry branded with popular manufacture names like Rolex, Brietling, and Tag, as well as offering diamond pieces, the SuperPawn has managed to remain truly successful in a highly competitive industry. SuperPawn has a National Liquidation Center which sells white gold, yellow gold, platinum, and diamonds with reasonably attractive price tags. In addition to a fine jewelry selection, the SuperPawn business also deals with tools, excellent electronic devices, and sporting goods and consumers can take advantage of the convenient layaway options supplied by SuperPawn too.

The gentleman that establish Cash America in 1983 purchased SuperPawn in 2004; Jack Daugherty began his business in the early 1980s and has continued to expand upon that business ever since. Currently, Cash America has acquired more than 900 sites on a global level, and they also offer Internet services. Daugherty currently owns Cashland, SuperPawn, Payday Advance, Mr. Payroll, CashNetUSA, and Cash America Pawn. With so many unique businesses under one umbrella, it is no wonder that there are so many superlative financial solutions made available by an entity like SuperPawn. Many of the services have been unified so that all establishments under the umbrella of Cash America offer as many financial solutions as possible for the cash needy consumer.

SuperPawn works in unison with Cash America International Incorporated in order to deliver superlative financial solutions to its customers. Offering fine pawn loans, otherwise understood as non-recourse loans and options, SuperPawn provides loans with short term repayment options. Loan options are available to those individuals that pay a visit to any SuperPawn location, and consumers living in the United States as well as the United Kingdom can apply for some financial solutions right online.

The financial services provided by SuperPawn are diverse and include things like a prepaid Visa or Mastercard®, prepaid calling services, check cashing options, Western Union transactions, gold buying services, tax filing options, as well as the opportunity for consumers to get in on a chance to reestablish credit. All of the latter options deliver the consumer seeking financial solutions a level of diversity unrivalled in the financial lending industry today.

With prepaid Mastercard® and Visa options, consumers can readily protect themselves against theft as well as empower themselves with online buying power. A consumer can place a predetermined amount of money in and account and utilize the funds much like a credit card transaction; this gives the consumer the ability to make purchases that are only limited by the amount of deposited monies. With as little as $20.00 to start and a small activation cost of roughly $5.00, the consumer can have an activated Mastercard® or Visa card quickly.

SuperPawn also provided check cashing services with nice rates and affordable prices. Nearly every SuperPawn location supplies check cashing options to its customers. This gives consumers a quick way to access cash and to cash checks when other check cashing options may not be readily available to them.

In addition to the above features, one can also visit a SuperPawn location and sell their gold if they desire. If in need of fast cash and one has gold to sell, SuperPawn supplies superlative gold buying rates. Professionals at SuperPawn assess the gold and willingly accept 10, 14, 18, and 24 carat gold from consumers looking to sell.

Seeking to supply the very best financial solutions possible, SuperPawn also serves its customers with credit repair options. If a consumer takes advantage of payday loan advances offered by SuperPawn, their prompt repayment is immediately reported to the Payment Reporting Builds Credit organization, which in turn, helps a consumer to rebuild credit with ease.

The payday loan options supplied by SuperPawn are fantastically accessible and the requirements for approval are easy to meet. If a consumer is seeking a payday advance from a SuperPawn entity, the individual must have proper identification, the ability to prove one's income, an active checking account in good standing, a current bank statement, proof of residence, and a working phone. The amount of payday advances will differ depending upon the state where an applicant resides, and the terms of repayment will also vary, depending upon state laws.

For more information about SuperPawn, visit: Consumers can also contact SuperPawn via Cash America email contact at: [email protected]