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Great people I decided to go the location in Gardena Great people.Really FriendlY

Service: 5 Cost: 4 Funded: 3 Use Again: 5

Very convenient... however:

This is such a great place to get cash quick. If you need to have the funds in your bank account to meet a deadline for a debt then look no further. However, at 15 dollars per 100 borrowed is a little steep in my opinion. It's not like you pay it back little by little - you pay back the lump sum plus the fee so you're basically paying them to borrow YOUR money in advance. You can easily get stuck in a vicious cycle of borrowing over and over from them if your not careful. PROS: fast, convenient, flexible with the payback date up to a week extension. CONS: expensive, easy to get caught in a borrowing cycle (which is how they make their money!)

Service: 5 Cost: 2 Funded: 5 Use Again: 3

Speedy Cash got me money fast

They really lived up to their name. I got my loan within 20 minutes (cash in hand.) All they had to do was approve my application, and make sure I was currently employed

Service: 4 Cost: 4 Funded: 4 Use Again: 5

Speedy Cash is a financial lending institution that has been in business since 1997. More than a decade of superlative services has been provided by Speedy Cash to consumers in dire need of cash solutions. Speedy Cash's name clearly defines the goal of the company: to provide consumers with access to the cash they require with immediacy. Speedy Cash has several physical branches situated in Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Washington, Missouri, Nevada, Kansas, Colorado, and California, and the entity specializes in providing payday advances and cash advances to qualifying consumers.

Speedy Cash is an organization that focuses on the individuality of every consumer. Understanding the unique needs of each consumer, Speedy Cash focuses on offering superb customer service in a secure and highly professional environment. Speedy Cash ranks above other financial solution companies because the company has a commitment to running and operating highly organized and attractive physical locations and an equally strong dedication to the communities where the locations are established.

Speedy Cash fully understands that today's consumer needs access to reasonably fast financial solutions. Even hard working and dedicated individuals encounter events where immediate cash is required and where traditional lending options are simply not speedy enough. In contrast, a consumer can turn to Speedy Cash to get professional service and access to the urgent cash he or she needs. Speedy Cash is completely committed to every customer, guarantees a high level of customer services, and the company has diversified its financial solution offerings to suit the individual needs of today's consumers.

In addition to working closely with cash needy consumers, Speedy Cash goes the extra mile and solidly supports communities. Charitable organizations and sports teams benefit from the sponsorship supplied by an entity like Speedy Cash, and Speedy Cash also provides safety programs with a focus on children and the provisioning of Child Identification Kits. If looking to turn to a company with a high sense of morals and community responsibility for financial solutions, consumers can do no better than to turn to the offerings presented by Speedy Cash.

Speedy Cash promises fair and ethical treatment to every consumer they work with. Basing all practices on the Best practice standards, Speedy Cash offers first rate, one of a kind financial solutions and services. In addition, there are myriad ways that consumers can get access to Speedy Cash's financial offerings: consumers can access online loan applications, or they can choose to walk into any professional branch operated by Speedy Cash to get great value and service. What's more, Speedy Cash will soon be expanding its offerings so that consumers can actually apply for loans by phone. It is clear the Speedy Cash is working toward simplifying access to financial solutions and that the company will continue to seek out pioneering methods for providing outstanding service.

Speedy Cash is headquartered at 3527 North Ridge Road, in Wichita, Kansas 67205. Consumers can call the company at 800-253-4574 or visit the official website for more information at: Payday loans and cash advances can be applied for and Speedy Cash will deliver instant approval and access to needed cash in as little as a day's time. Customer information remains securely protected and applications online are processed via secure servers.

There are no credit check obligations attached to Speedy Cash offerings. This means that even if a consumer is faced with issues evolving from bad credit or marred credit, there are indeed financial solutions within his or her reach. The payday advances and cash advances supplied by Speedy Cash range in value from $100.00 to as much as $1000.00, depending upon the applicant's eligibility and income levels.

Consumers seeking out cash advance and payday options must meet the qualifications established by Speedy Cash. While there is no need for any form of collateral to get cash advanced options, the consumer must be of legal contractual age, must have ID, must have a checking account, and must be able to provide proof that they have a regular income coming in. With the latter documentation provided, once the consumer meets all requirements, the approval process for Speedy Cash financial options is indeed quite speedy! Speedy Cash is a business that also seeks to fully educate the consumer about the value of payday loans and cash advance options. In addition, as a responsible company, Speedy Cash teaches consumers about cash advance misconceptions, the reasons why one may benefit from a cash advance or payday loan, and that such financial options, while fine financial solutions, are not something the consumer should become dependent upon.