Rhode Island Cash Loan

Regardless of background, creed, or culture, almost everyone has been in dire financial straits when an unexpected expense comes up that they can't cover quickly. For those Rhode Islanders and indeed Americans who have salaried jobs, emergencies can happen at awkward moments during the cash flow situation.

For example, your car might suddenly break down, and it will cost $500 to repair, but it's right in the middle of the month, and you don't have the ready cash to foot the bill. As a Rhode Islander, you have plenty of options in the payday advance industry to take out a short-term loan to fix your car. You don't need to undergo a credit check, nor will you be asked lots of personal questions. You simply have to prove that you are in a steady job with a firm, regular income. Some lenders might ask that you have a direct deposit with your employer just to get the process going quicker.

If you're looking for small cash loans; i.e., under $1,000, and are prepared to pay it back in less than a month, then you might do well to use one of Rhode Island's many payday lending companies. They will also require you to make out a check to them (post dated to the date the balance of the loan must be paid off) for the amount plus any associated fees. This saves you the extra worry of going back to the lender and handing the money over.

Like many other states, Rhode Island has certain legal safeguards in place designed to help and protect both borrowers and lenders. These include a minimum payback term of 13 days; fees not permitted to exceed the interest rate limits laid out by the Small Loan Act, or 36% per annum; one rollover allowed (the paying off of one loan with another), and no more than 3 loans to be taken out simultaneously.

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