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PaydayHawaii is a cash advance company that operates both on the Internet and at twelve locations found throughout Hawaii. Internet services are available throughout all the United States. Cash advance services are available for people who have bad credit, who need money fast, or who can't or do not want to get a loan through a traditional bank.

Cash Advance

The most popular service that PaydayHawaii offers is their MicroCredit Advance. This is a cash advance that is made for borrowers who allow their upcoming paycheck to be debited for the amount they borrow, plus fees. Getting a MicroCredit advance is a great way to help pay bills, pay for a car emergency, or simply have some extra cash on hand until your next payday. MicroCredit is available in increments from $100 to $510.

It is easy to apply for a cash advance from PaydayHawaii. You will need a checking account, the most recent bank statement you have, two recent pay stubs, a residential phone bill or a cell phone bill, a Hawaii State ID, and a completed application form. If you are applying online or in person, the approval time for a cash advance is about an hour or less. There is no credit check with PaydayHawaii, only an identity check through TeleTrack, to make sure that you have no other outstanding cash advances that have not been paid.

After you have been approved for a loan, you will either walk out of the office with your cash, or if done online, the money will be deposited into your account. If the application is done in person, you will have your money that day. If the application is done online or through a fax, it may take up to two business days for the money to clear in your account.

You will then be required to repay your cash advance on your next payday. With PaydayHawaii, your payment will automatically be deducted from your checking account on the date due. It will be the amount that you have borrowed, plus all applicable fees. When you have successfully paid back four cash advance loans, you will be eligible for a payment plan that extends up to 90 days. However, payments will be required every payday, and a late charge will be added to the account. After the final payment is made, you will not be permitted to take out another loan for 30 days.

To apply online, simply visit their website at Click on the link to find all their locations in Hawaii, or call 1-808- 822-5115.

Additional Services

PaydayHawaii offers many other convenient services at their walk-in locations throughout Hawaii. One of these is the sale of money orders. Receive a money order at PaydayHawaii and only pay for the face value of it. There is no purchase necessary to get a money order, and you can get as many as you need at any time. Another service available is Money Transferring. PaydayHawaii uses the popular and secure company MoneyGram International to allow their customers to send and receive money all over the world. Use MoneyGram to almost instantly send money to someone on the other side of the country, as well as receive money when you need it from someone fast. MoneyGram also allows their customers to send payments to select utility and loan companies, such as car loans, so your payment gets there on time. At PaydayHawaii, you are also allowed one free phone call, so the person you are sending the money to will know it is there.

PaydayHawaii also offers check cashing services in their facilities. Not everyone can cash their checks at a bank, but don't worry - you can do it all here! No matter what kind of check you need cashed, whether it is a payroll check, government, insurance check, personal check, or more, you can cash it at PaydayHawaii for a small fee. The best part is that most locations are open on the weekends, so you do not have to wait for days to cash a check.

If you have a prepaid cell phone through ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile, Boost, Mobi PCS, and more, you can buy prepaid minutes at your local PaydayHawaii location. Never wait in those long lines at the cell phone stores again; simply purchase the minutes you need here for no extra charge!

For more information, visit the website of PaydayHawaii at