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Instant Loans w/ MoneyTree

This company prides themselves on being able to provide payday loans quick, and without hassle. They live up to this reputation as it only took me 20 minutes to have everything taken care of.

Service: 5 Cost: 4 Funded: 4 Use Again: 4

I got my payday advance from MoneyTree

They took care of it really fast. All I needed to have for them was a personal check my ID and a payroll stub. Then I was approved within 5 minutes and had cash in my hand 10 minutes later. Pretty simple

Service: 5 Cost: 4 Funded: 5 Use Again: 5

Check cashing with MoneyTree

It's great to be able to go to Money Tree and cash my check. ESPECIALLY when my other bank is closed.

Service: 5 Cost: 5 Funded: 5 Use Again: 5

MoneyTree is a payday loan operator in business both in stores and online. MoneyTree can help people who are experiencing a money problem, getting them the help and cash that they need now. Best of all, it is easy and fast to apply for a cash advance, and when approved, you can walk out that day with your money.

Applying for a Payday Loan

When you apply for a payday loan you need just a few things. Employment verification and a checking account are two, as well as all your sources of income and a valid checking account. You will also need ID. Your application will then only take minutes to approve, and you may have the cash that you need. To get a cash advance you would simply post date a check for the amount that you are approved for, plus fees. In two weeks time, when you expect your next payday, MoneyTree will then cash your check. It's that simple.

Business Loans are also offered at MoneyTree. You may need one to order supplies or cover an unexpected cost within your business, or a plethora of other reasons. You may be approved for up to $5,000 for a business loan with MoneyTree. To apply, you will need ID, your business license and proof that your business brings in income and a business check book. Apply online at or call 1-800-745-1011. You can also send them an email at [email protected].

Payday loans can be applied for directly from MoneyTree's website at You'll get fast and easy service from a safe and secure site, and have the money you need quickly.

Additional MoneyTree Services

MoneyTree offers many additional services in addition to their cash advance loans and business loans. Prepaid MasterCard debit cards are available for purchase at most locations. Upload your own cash onto a card, at no cost, and use your prepaid debit card to pay bills, shop or buy anything at any place that accepts MasterCard. You may also purchase a Cash Solution debit card, which is prepaid and can be used at certain ATM machines and at specific places that accept pin debit cards.

Money orders are another amenity that MoneyTree offers. There is no fee for a money order if you get one at the same time you get a payday loan or cash another check. If not, you only have to pay a flat fee of fifty cents, much cheaper than most stores or post offices charge. Check cashing is another option that many people take advantage of at MoneyTree. This is especially helpful for those who do not have a way to cash their checks, either because they cannot get a bank account or do not want to. MoneyTree cashes payroll, government, insurance, personal, two-party checks and much more. With MoneyTree, you can walk in and cash your check on the spot-no waiting for the money to go through a bank!

Cointree Coin Counting Machines are available at a select number of MoneyTree branches. Got a huge jar full of change that you just don't feel like rolling up? Let Cointree do the work! Put your change in and the machine will count it out for you and then give you a receipt. Take this to the cashier and get your money, less a small fee. Check the website at to find out if the location near you has a Cointree Coin Counting Machine.

Wire money transfers are one more reason to use MoneyTree. Send or receive money to and from the United States, to Mexico or to thousands of locations worldwide using Western Union. You can send and receive money almost instantly with Western Union, and you will have the piece of mind using the most well-known wire transfer service there is. You will also have the option of paying your bills fast through Western Union. Need to get your car payment in today? Send it straight to your creditor through MoneyTree's Western Union. You will always receive a confirmation number so that you can check to make sure your payment has gone through.

Additional services can be found at various MoneyTree locations around the company. Many offer the sale of postage stamps, fax and copy machine use, and even bus passes at certain locations. MoneyTree is not just about payday loans, they are about providing the most services to their community. MoneyTree also offers job opportunities, from sales representatives to management positions. Check on on the Careers Opportunities tab to find more information on a MoneyTree job.

You can contact MoneyTree a variety of ways. Go to their website at to take a look at all their services, and to apply online for a cash advance. Or, check online for the nearest business.