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pre paid credit cards with Money Corner

I got my pre paid credit card w/ Money Corner. They didn't want to give me a loan so they offered me this alternative. Kind of funny, but it all worked out in the end.

Service: 5 Cost: 5 Funded: 5 Use Again: 5

transferring Money is easy with Money Corner

Whenever I need to send money I use Money Corner. They are always reliable

Service: 5 Cost: n/a Funded: 5 Use Again: 5

Payday Loans

At Money Corner, applying for a cash advance loan is simple, fast and easy. It can be done online, or at one of their convenient locations. There are only a few items needed to qualify for a cash advance loan from Money Corner. A steady job that pays reliably is required, as is a checking account, home phone number and a valid picture ID. If you are applying in a branch location, you will need a blank check, a recent bank statement and pay stub, and you're ID. Applying for a loan is fast and easy, and always confidential.

When you need money fast, there's Money Corner to help you out. Perhaps you have a doctor's bill that needs to be paid, or a prescription to pick up. A utility bill or credit card bill may be overdue, and you want to avoid the late fees or shut-offs that may occur. Whatever the reason, Money Corner understands that a loan may be just the thing to help you through your troubled times. There is no credit checks, so you do not have to worry about your past credit history. The best part is that it is an almost instant process; you can be approved for your loan the same day you apply for it. When you come into a branch, that means walking out with the cash in your hand that day! Or, apply online by visiting, and you won't even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

Check Cashing

At Money Mart, you can rest assured that you will always have a place to cash your checks. Many people have difficulty cashing checks when they do not have a bank account, since most banks insist on having one to do business with them. At Money Mart, you can cash any type of check: personal, paychecks, government, third-party and more. They also cash traveler's checks and money orders. Even though there is a small fee for check-cashing, it may be less than what you would be paying in bank fees.

You can also join the VIP More card club, and receive the lowest possible check cashing fees every time you cash a check at Money Corner. All your personal information will already be on the card, so it helps save you time, as well. With the VIP More card, you will also get five pages of photocopying or faxing free each time you visit a location, and have access to a members-only toll-free number, so that you can talk to a representative at any time. You may also go online to check your balance of the card at any time, day or night.

Western Union

When you need to send or receive money fast, there is a Western Union available at your Money Corner location. There are over 225,000 Western Union agents around the world, so you will always be able to find a location to send or receive money to. You can use a Western Union to not only send or receive cash to a family member or friend, but also to pay bills with some companies. If you have a bill due and have to get it sent out today, such as a car payment, then using Western Union will ensure that it gets there as fast as possible. You only need a valid ID to use Western Union services, and this service is extremely reliable and confidential.

Prepaid Momentum Visa Card

Money Corner now offers a prepaid Visa card, called the Momentum. This is a debit card that is loaded with your cash and then activated. You can then use your card at thousands of places worldwide, wherever you see the Visa logo. It can be used at merchants, online or at over 870,000 ATM machines found all over the world. You can pay bills, purchase tickets, shop or do just about anything with your prepaid Momentum Visa card.

To receive the Momentum card, you must sign up at a Money Corner location. It's fast and easy, and worth the security of not carrying around a lot of cash.

To find a Money Corner location near you to do business at, simply check their website at Their simple to understand website allows you to pick your state so that you can see where your nearest Money Corner is, as well as what they offer in services. Money Corner believes that payday cash advances should only be used for emergency situations, and not as a long-term problem for financial troubles.