Maine Cash Loan

Across the United States, there are thousands of payday and cash advance lenders. These lenders provide those who need a little extra cash with a short-term loan. The loans are taken against the borrower's paycheck. When the borrower is paid, the lender deposits the check. In most cases, borrowers only borrow a few hundred dollars, but in some states they can borrow up to $1000.

While these lenders are popular, it's almost impossible for residents of Maine to get a Maine cash loan locally. There are strict limits on the payday lending industry in Maine, which include a maximum 30% annual interest rate and no check cashing type of cash loans. These laws make it illegal for anyone to operate a Maine cash loan business within state lines. This might be considered a problem, but with, you can still get a Maine cash loan.

Since uses the Internet to provide services, we can still help you out if you need money fast. We won't run a credit check like most lenders, and all you have to do to qualify is make the minimum required income. If you meet the requirements, we can have your Maine cash loan approved by the end of the day. When you apply for a loan, we ask you to postdate a check. When the end of your loan term comes up, we will deposit your check and use the money to repay your debt to us.

While the regulations on the cash lending industry in Maine are very strict, there are several pieces of legislation under consideration to change the Maine cash loan industry. For the time being, use your computer and check out the services we can offer you online through You can pay your bills on time and not worry about late fees.

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