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Do not Get a Loan from this ppl... I got a loan from them and i could repay becuase I lost my job... I tried making an arrengment and they refused to do so... they got the nervs to come to my JOB and look for me trying to get the money... I almost got fired because of that... They didnt even tried to call me before looking form me personnaly .. they just showed up in my OFFICE ... !!!! BE AWARE AND DO NOT GIVE THIS ABUSERS ANY TYPE OF BUSSINESS !!

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EZ Money is a financial lending company providing services to residents of Arizona, Iowa, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. This company offers a variety of services to customers. These services include payday advances, signature cash loans, and automobile title loans, check cashing, bill payments, money orders and transfers, prepaid services and tax preparation services. Almost all financial needs can be taken care of with one stop to EZ Money. This company is based in Nebraska and is registered under the names of Midwest Check Cashing and MM Finance.

The most common service provided to customers is a payday advance. This is a short-term loan of a small amount. This type of loan is designed to use when an unexpected financial emergency occurs. EZ Money can provide customers with fast cash in their time of need. Payday advances are available to those who complete the application and meet a few requirements. These requirements include the customer is over the age of 18, has a valid checking account and a steady source of income. There is no credit checks involved when applying for a payday advance. The amount that can be borrowed is determined by the state in which you are applying. Typically, amounts range between $100 and $500.

EZ Money does not regulate the interest rate associated with these loans. The rates vary depending on the state. Currently, applications must be completed and submitted to an EZ Money store. There is no online application available. Once the application is submitted, you will find out in a few minutes whether it has been approved. Upon approval, the funds will typically appear in your checking account on the next business day. All payday advances must be repaid in full, including any fees and interest, on the next payday. If you have concerns about being able to repay the loan on time, contact a customer service representative at least two days before the due date. Depending on the state in which the loan was approved, you may be granted an extension. Customer service can be reached by calling the Midwest Check Cashing at 402-291-1175. You can also send an email with questions and concerns by visiting the company website at

Other services offered by EZ Money may vary by state. Signature Cash Loans are only available to residents of South Dakota. A signature cash loan works in the same way as a payday advance, where the amount must be repaid on the following payday. The amount you may borrow is slightly higher, ranging between $100 and $1000. To apply for one of these loans, you will need to bring a state or government issued ID and a check stub to a store location. The application may be completed there and approval usually takes about 10 minutes. This service is for those who are in need of immediate cash funds.

Auto title loans are available in Missouri and South Dakota. When applying for these loans, which range from $100 and $5000, you will need a state ID, a title that is clear and free, a pay stub, and a spare set of keys. The application process is quick and simple, with approval taking approximately twenty minutes.

All other services are available in each of the seven states mentioned. The check cashing service covers almost any type of check, including payroll, personal, insurance, government issued and tax returns. There is a small fee associated with cashing a check at EZ Money. This fee varies per state. Every store has a bill payment center. This is where customers can pay their cell phone and utility bills. Money orders are available in the amounts ranging between $.01 and $500. The money orders are issued through Travelers Express. EX Money also offers Western Union Services for wire transfers? In Arizona, residents will have the choice between Western Union and Moneygram.

Many customers take advantage of the pre-paid services offered. These include pre=paid Visa and MasterCard, as well as home phone service, wireless service and long distance cards. The pre-paid services are offered by Netspend. The Netspend Visa card is accepted at retailers worldwide and can be used at most ATM machines. These pre-paid cards offer customers the safety and security of having funds available without having to carry cash.

EZ Money has been providing financial services to customers for many years. Customer satisfaction is important to all employees. The employees are trained professionals and are available to answer all questions you may have, as well as to provide you with the information needed when choosing a service offered. To find out more about each service and its availability, visit The website will explain each service and will inform customers how to go about applying for a loan or locating a store to utilize an offered service.