Compare Cash Loan Programs

June 20, 2009
Before signing any loan agreement, it’s smart to compare cash loan programs so that you can find the best deal for your own personal financial situation.

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Before you borrow money from any lending institution, you always want to compare the different types of loans available. Personal cash loans are just one option. If you own a home, a personal home equity loan may be a viable solution to your money needs. Payday loans can also be an excellent source of funds that are needed on a short-term basis. Beyond the obvious interest rates, you should also consider the loan's purpose and repayment terms.

Before you start to compare cash loan programs, it helps to understand the two basic loan types: unsecured and secured. Secured loans are offered at lower interest rates but you must first put up some kind of collateral. Unsecured loans do not require any collateral and though it helps to have good credit, it isn't entirely necessary. Unsecured loans are lent at much higher interest rates than secured loans. These rates typically rise as the lender assumes more risk.

You should also understand how an annual percentage rate (APR) works. The APR is the amount of interest your loan accrues for every $100 borrowed. That means if you have a loan with a 19.9% APR, you will accrue almost $20 in interest on every $100 you borrow. Because loan interest is compounded monthly, you can figure your interest payment by dividing your APR by 12. Also, remember that the length of the loan will have a direct impact on the interest rate with higher interest rates occurring on shorter-term loans than on longer-term loans. It is not uncommon for some two-week payday type loans to calculate out to 300%-400% APR. This drives home the fact that it is imperative that these types of loans be repaid as quickly as possible (within 2 weeks) and not renewed.

Once you understand this, you are ready to sit down and find a loan that best fits your financial needs. When you compare personal loans, you will also want to keep a keen eye on any fees that the lender builds into the program in addition to the APR. Consider that even though a loan may carry a higher APR, its lower fees may make it a better deal in the long-term.

When you first begin to compare cash loan programs, it may seem that you are being confronted with a bewildering array of offers from various lenders. stands by ready to help 24-hours-a-day by connecting you to the closest lender in your area. Simply fill out our loan application accurately with the complete required information and one of our helpful associates sees to the rest. Your loan is wired directly into your personal banking account so you can pay your bills or attend to any medical or automotive problems. You can rest easy knowing has you covered in case of any financial emergency.