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Checksmart helps!

It was great, when I couldn't pay my bill, I signed up at checksmart and they took care of it for me...It was great to know I have this resort, I'm sure later on when I have to pay them back it will be steep, but at least I got my bills paid on time.

Service: 5 Cost: 5 Funded: 5 Use Again: 5

CheckSmart offers full loans

My full loan entailed a $500 loan, and I only had minimum payments to make back for the interest. It was a good deal.

Service: 4 Cost: 5 Funded: 5 Use Again: 4

Of the dozens of payday loan and check cashing stores that have popped up in the United States, CheckSmart is one of the good guys. There is quite a stigma associated with many of these companies for a number of different reasons. What a lot of consumers do not understand is that, for the most part, these companies are simply out to provide some help to consumers who really are in need of an alternative. It is when the payday loans go bad that people become upset with the financial entities in control of the transactions. Still, there is a reason to respect CheckSmart, as they have headed to the top of their industry using tried and true business practices.

CheckSmart was established back in 1987 as a better way for customers to get around using the traditional financial services. Since then, the company has grown based upon certain unmoving principles. They want to provide, above all else, the finest service of any company in the industry. While many companies are concerned solely with taking advantage of customers and using them as pawns in a money-driven game, CheckSmart has been thinking of new ways to help their customers out. This is a fundamental business approach that has been a win-win for CheckSmart and their lucky customers over the last 20 years. If you would like to read more about CheckSmart and their commitment to excellence, then check out their website at You can also reach them with any questions that you may have at 1-800-837-0381.

In an effort to reach out to their customers, CheckSmart has developed a number of different services for people to choose from. As their name suggests, they are a check cashing entity first and foremost. When they opened their first store in Columbus, Ohio during 1987, they were essentially concerned with making sure people had a place to cash their hard earned paychecks. With their check cashing service, they give consumers a place where they can get all types of checks cashed. This includes payroll checks, personal checks, tax refund checks, and some other types, as well. They understand that often times, banks will be reticent to cash a check of a customer that does not have an account with that bank. When a customer comes to CheckSmart, they can get cash in their hand quickly without ever having to jump through the hoops that a bank mandates.

Though check cashing might have been their bread and butter service when they first opened CheckSmart, the owners are now concerned much more with payday advances. A payday loan is a simple way for customers to get the money that they need in between pay periods. It is common knowledge that sometimes accidents happen on a week that people are not receiving a paycheck. Life does not always set up so that things are perfectly aligned for two-week pay periods. With their payday advance service, CheckSmart gives customers the opportunity to get a short advance on their paycheck. The amount and limit of the payday advance will depend upon a person's qualifications and what state they live in, but customers can typically get as much as $800. This is a really significant amount of money and it can do a lot of damage for those customers who have serious financial issues to deal with. Payday advances are typically done by the customer writing a personal check for the amount of the loan they are receiving and CheckSmart then holds that check until the money is in the bank. It is a quick and simple process for customers who really need the cash on hand.

CheckSmart is also dedicated to providing other services in addition to those two traditional ones. A few years ago, they recognized as a company that something had to be done to help consumers get access to a debit card. With so much business today being dependent upon a credit or debit card, customers who do not have one are in a lot of trouble. What if they need to pay a bill on the internet or there is some sort of emergency where they need to pay over the phone? For customers that do not have a debit card, it can be really difficult to get around these things. This is why CheckSmart now offers a reloadable Visa debit card for their customers. The way this works is really quite simple. Customers get their hands on the debit card from CheckSmart and it comes in their name. Whenever they want to put money on their card, they go into a CheckSmart location and one of the agents there can take care of loading the card very quickly. All of a sudden, a person who did not have a debit card before has access to all of the things that a debit card grants access to.

CheckSmart will also help their customers get their bills paid online. As a customer, it can be really difficult to keep up with all of your bills and when they are due. CheckSmart has a solution for that. They allow customers to pass the bill on their bill paying duties. Customers only have to give their information and provide the funds in order for CheckSmart to take care of paying their bills. This is the kind of service that really helps customers manage their day-to-day lives.

Overall, CheckSmart is a really considerate company that takes the needs of their customers very seriously. Above all else, they want to know that their customers are taken care of in every aspect of their finances. This was their creed when the company was founded more than 20 years ago and it remains their focus today. Where they see a customer need and a void in the financial industry, they try to be there to fill it. With their dedication to service and their dedication to the development of new, exciting products, CheckSmart is quickly forging a place among the top companies in the alternative financial market.