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Very friendly and not a loan shark. When I lost hours last year during a loan, they were happy to work with me to pay it off and was able to get loans later without penalty.

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CashNetUSA is the online leader in payday loan services since it opened in 2004. As a young start-up, CashNetUSA was quickly noticed by both the consumers and other businesses for their innovative approach to short term convenient lending. CashNetUSA was acquired by Cash America International Inc. in 2006. Cash America is the nation’s leading brick and mortar lender for short term loans. The result of the partnership of CashNetUSA and Cash America has made it one of the most fruitful ventures because of its wide network service coverage. CashNetUSA and Cash America are both members of the CFSA and the BBB.

CashNetUSA is available in more than 30 states and is still growing. With this, CashNetUSA continues to be the leading service provider of short term loans. Its team of dedicated professionals has paved the way to open up short term consumer lending for people who need it the most. CashNetUSA provides short term payday advance loans to more over 2 million customers who have been with them since 2004. The company exists to help people access quick cash when they need it the most. In addition CashNetUSA continues to build a reputation as a trustworthy lender, which is something that any finance company strives to become.

Benefits of CashNetUSA

Payday loans from CashNetUSA have various advantages that appeal to every individual. First, the application process for loans is quick and easy. It only takes minutes to apply for a loan online, and a few minutes more to get approval. Once the loan is approved you can expect the money to come the next day.

CashNetUSA makes it easy for everyone to get a loan since your customers won't have to worry about faxing documents for approval. Even people with poor credit can avail of these loans because CashNetUSA does not check the borrower's credit score.

Unlike other payday loan lenders, CashNetUSA has late cut-off times for online applications. Online forms will be accepted as late as 9PM CST from Monday to Thursday. If you apply during the weekends, you can submit the online application form until 7 pm CST Sunday. Weekend borrowers will receive their money on Monday. Customer support is always available to guide you through the loan process as well as give advice for your financial problems. You can contact their staff through phone, e-mail, or Internet chat. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CashNetUSA has innovative incentive programs for loyal patrons. Borrowers can save up to 30% for every loan if they become a Preferred CashNetUSA Member. The company also offers a $20 credit for every successful referral through the refer-a-friend program.

Payday Loans

Payday loans or cash advances are considered as short term loans. These loans should be paid until your next payday, which can reach up to 16 days after you have received your loan. Once the due date comes, borrowers have to pay out the principal, plus the interest rate. If a borrower cannot pay by the loan date, he should ask for a loan extension to be granted by the company.

Loan extension for payday loans is not available in every state. If the terms of the loan make you eligible for extension, you can extend the loan by paying the rate of the loan in full before the initial due date. After you have paid for the original loan, CashNetUSA will grant a new contract for an additional loan. State laws have different regulations on short term loans, which cover the maximum amount a person can have and the length of extension that can be granted.

CashNetUSA understands that payday loans are temporary and quick-fix solutions. This kind of loan does not serve well for the long-term. It is the role of CashNetUSA to educate consumers how to become responsible for their finances. People are discouraged to depend on payday loans since the cost of the loan is not viable for the long term. The borrower must understand other loan options available before he decides if a payday loan is best for the situation. Payday loans are best used to cover unexpected expenses, avoid bounced checks or bank penalties, and to pay important bills and utilities.

CashNetUSA has a top quality customer support team to help you get a loan easily. Responsive customer service is one of the main company lines of CashNetUSA. You can take out a loan by visiting or calling their customer service hotline at 888-801-8075. You can also e-mail them at [email protected].