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CashLand took a few days to get me the money

Cashland took two days to get money to me. This was alright because I didn't need it right away, but they shouldn't advertise that they can get you money next day if they cant.

Service: 4 Cost: 5 Funded: 3 Use Again: 4

CashLand loves to help out

They are great. The customer service reps that I worked with were very happy, all smiles, made it a very comfortable environment for me to get my loan.

Service: 5 Cost: 4 Funded: 4 Use Again: 4

CashLand Financial Services entered into the cash advance business in the late 1990's. The company, which started as a small venture, now has locations in more than 200 cities across the United States. While a majority of the locations are within the home state of Ohio, CashLand operates locations in the states of Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana, as well. Since its creation during the 1990's, CashLand has been a major player in the cash advance business.

CashLand offers a variety of services for their clientele. From payday loans against the customer's upcoming payroll check to cashing personal checks made out to the client, CashLand offers convenient options for customers who are in a financial bind. In addition to check cashing services, CashLand locations offer the convenience of money orders, money transfers, tax preparation, and insurance services. For many of these services, including the tax preparation service, cash is available from the business almost immediately.

A majority of those who visit CashLand are in need of cash fast. With CashLand cash advance, the company provides a short-term high interest loan to the client. Depending on the state laws, a cash advance from CashLand can be given for up to $800, and the repayment terms are from 14 to 21 days. Many of CashLand's loans for new customers have a loan term of 28 days. Customers can also extend their loan term if they find that they're having difficulty repaying the loan on schedule. The amount loaned is determined by the gross income of the applicant, as it is based on only a certain percentage of their pay.

When applying for a CashLand payday loan, customers are required to complete a brief application that includes address, employer, and their bank association. If approved for the cash advance, the customer will be asked to write a check made out to CashLand for the amount of the loan plus any interest owed on the loan. If the customer does not pay back the amount due by the end of the loan period, CashLand submits the check for payment on the loan. If the customer wishes to repay the loan on time, they can either allow CashLand to deposit their check at the end of the loan term, or they can pay off the loan in person at the branch location. CashLand will void their check and give it back to the client.

Money loaned by CashLand can be used to cover any expenses. Unlike traditional loans that often stipulate how money can be used, a CashLand payday loan can be used to cover last minute expenses, car repairs, or even groceries. CashLand does not place any limitations on what the money can be used for. For this reason, many people turn to CashLand to provide last minute cash for families and individuals.

In recent years, CashLand has expanded beyond their traditional role of providing payday loans. A large amount of CashLand's revenue comes from the other services they provide their valued customers. Check cashing of all types of checks including personal, payroll, and government can be processed for a small fee. Fee amounts vary based on the type and amount of the check. With the use of prepaid debit cards like the Netspend Visa or the Mio Prepaid MasterCard, customers can have their funds deposited on the cards, which are accepted at locations displaying the Visa and MasterCard logo.

While CashLand is known as the "Cash Carryout," services such as money transfers via Western Union can be completed at a majority of locations. Customers can also turn to CashLand for purchasing their money orders. Customers in Ohio and Indiana can also use CashLand for purchasing their auto insurance. With products available through The General insurance company, affordable rates below the national average along with free quotes are available.

CashLand runs more than 200 locations in five states throughout the Midwestern United States. Each location operating under the name CashLand is operated by CashLand Financial Services. The main office for CashLand Financial Services is located at 100 East Third Street, Dayton, OH 45402. CashLand can be contacted via phone at 1-877-690-CASH (2274). CashLand can be found on the web at

CashLand is a subsidiary of Cash America who acquired the company in 2005 to become the largest lender of cash advance loans in the United States. Cash America corporate headquarters are located at 1600 West 7th Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76102. Cash America appears on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CSH and can be located on the Internet at