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Cash 4 is an online payday advance company based in California that offers loans for individuals looking for fast cash for a variety of purposes. Many of the company's customers include those who live on a paycheck-to-paycheck basis, and who sometimes need extra money to last until their next paycheck when unforeseen circumstances arrive. Cash 4 Checks advertizes fast cash loans that are approved (in as little as thirty seconds) up to $300, the maximum amount for payday advance loans as mandated by California law. Cash 4 Checks also advertizes an equal fee rate for all customers, a flat 15% rate with no additional setup, application, or paperwork fees. Unlike some other California-based cash loan companies, Cash 4 Checks does not charge a $10 setup fee for customers.

Customers seeking short-term loans need only meet a few basic requirements to get an approval. Cash 4 Checks does not conduct background credit checks, so customers can expect the requested loan funds in their bank accounts within 24 hours, depending on the time the application was submitted. Applications submitted between Monday and Thursday before 3:30 PM will be approved and the money deposited in the customer's account the next business day. Applications after 3:30 PM will be treated as submitted the next business day -the customer will receive the funds two days after the application. Applications on the weekends or on Friday after 3:30 PM will be processed on Monday.

Although customers can apply for funds online through the company's website, Cash 4 Checks also advertizes an application via fax option as well as a number of stores in different cities in California. The quickest way to get the requested cash is for the customer to visit one of these stores. Cash 4 Checks advertizes that customers can walk away with cash in as little as thirty minutes after visiting one of the company stores.

The application prerequisites are relatively simple. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, hold a current job with which they have been employed for at least 3 months (for retired applicants, proof of benefits will suffice), have an active checking account that has been open for at least 3 months (the customer will have to show a voided check), and a monthly $800 salary. Some exceptions to these requirements apply in certain circumstances, as explained on the company website. Cash 4 Checks requires no credit history information, and customer bankruptcy does not restrict applications. To demonstrate eligibility, the customer must produce some simple information in order to apply for a loan. These items include a recent payroll stub, the customer's most recent bank account statement, the most recent telephone or utility bill, a check on the bank account no more than 30 days old, and a current I.D. or driver's license. Finally, applicants must have direct deposit with their bank. Customers with two or more bad check charges on their last statement are disqualified for approval of a loan.

Cash 4 Checks maintains an extensive list of local Californian banks and a quick bank statement retrieval function on their website, allowing customers to gain the necessary information speedily when applying for a loan. After completing the online application form, the customer must fax the required documents to Cash 4 Checks to finish the application process.

To pay back the loan, Cash 4 Checks will automatically withdraw the required funds from the customer's bank account on the due date, with no other requirements from the customer. As regulated by California law, Cash 4 Checks does not offer due date extensions, and it is important that the customer understands and abides by applicable laws. Cash 4 Checks advises customers to contact one of their representatives immediately if they encounter problems with paying back the loan on the due date, in order for a solution to be reached and credit balance to be maintained.

Cash 4 Checks advertizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology on their website for keeping all customer information secure during Internet financial transactions. Cash 4 Checks will not sell customer information to third parties and maintains customer privacy in any transaction, whether through the Internet or at one of the company stores. Cash 4 Checks uses 128-bit encryption on their website for information protection.

Cash 4 Checks has twelve store locations in California, in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. Customers may check the company website at, or communicate through email or phone, [email protected] and (877) 702-7000. Check the website for the contact information for individual stores.