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Cash 1 specializes in providing payday loans for those in need of some fast cash. The company consists of over 250 employees, and they have over 30 branches nationwide. All their staff is highly trained, and they specialize in the financial services industry.

Cash 1 is looking to exceed the service expectations of their customers, and even if it's not a loan that you are looking for, they offer great employment opportunities and other cash services too.

At Cash 1, getting a payday loan is fast and easy. What you are required to do is write a post-dated check in return for the cash you are after. It really is that simple, and once you have written your check, you get the cash right away.

Payday loans have become very popular, and they are a great way of ensuring that you don't incur late fees on your bills. You can also use them to ensure that you don't have any bounced checks, and to pay credit card and other bills that are due before your next pay check arrives. No matter what you need the cash for, payday loans are a simple and effective way of getting the cash you need instead of having to wait for your next pay check to arrive.

To receive a payday loan from Cash 1, you will need a checking account and a steady source of income. You will be asked to provide some basic personal information on how you can be contacted, and your application will be approved in minutes; meaning if you need the cash today, you can get it today. This is great if you really are stuck for cash. The details that you provide are confidential, and Cash 1 does not check your credit history.

Cash 1 operates using state laws, and these determine the amount of money that you can borrow, so it is advisable to check with your Cash 1 branch to see how much you are eligible for.

When you apply for a payday loan with Cash 1, you will be given a decision that day. Your information and application are usually processed within minutes, unlike traditional banks where you may have to wait a number of days or weeks to see if you are approved.

Cash 1 also offers a number of other services, and these include cashing checks. It's simple to cash a check with Cash 1, and they are open when most banks are closed. Another reason people choose Cash 1 to cash their checks is because they don't have to wait days for the funds to clear either, which is what may happen when you deposit your check into your checking account. Once you hand over their check and sign a simple form, you will receive your cash in return.

You can also avail of other services including money grams and money orders, Western Union wire transfer service, faxing, copying, and purchasing stamps. Money grams are great, and they allow you to send and receive money in a matter of minutes. You can use them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can pick up a money order in any currency you wish up to the value of $1,000. This amount can vary by state, so you will need to check on this first.

If you are in need of a payday loan, you can contact Cash 1 via their website, by telephone using their toll free number which is (800) 988-7715, by regular phone (775) 852-6400, and by fax (775) 852-6411. You can also contact customer support via email at [email protected].

Cash 1 loans also offer great employment opportunities for their ever-expanding company. If you are interested in providing a high level of customer service, then this could be for you. Cash 1 offers employees an excellent work schedule and some great benefits too. Your medical/dental/and vision insurance is included with your employment benefits, as is a 401K-retirement plan. You also get paid vacations and holidays. You can find more information on the employment opportunities that Cash 1 offers on their website, and you can also contact the employment section of Cash 1 by phone (775) 852 6497, by fax (775) 852 6411, or by email [email protected].

As you can see, Cash 1 offers their customers a great deal of services, and they provide excellent rates too. They are open at a time that suits you, and whether it's a loan or an employment opportunity that you are looking for, your nearest branch will be able to advise you further.