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Advance America Cash Advance is one of the leading payday advance and short term loan companies in the country, with offices and stores spanning most states in America. Founded in 1997, Advance America Cash Advance has been providing cash advance loans to help millions of Americans adjust and overcome their financial situations.

From its small beginnings, Advance America Cash Advance services has expanded both in scope and size of its services, extending its reach to all towns and cities in America, whether it be a rural area or a metropolis. Advance America Cash Advance strives to be a leader and a model of responsible management, innovative corporate culture, business integrity, accountability, and excellent customer service. By building these core foundations, Advance America Cash Advance is more able to appeal to its customers.

Advance America Cash Advance, from the top to the bottom personnel, subscribes to their long standing company creed. These are; respect your customers, respect your associates, and respect the law. Advance America Cash Advance understands that loan companies should treat their consumers with dignity and courtesy, treat associates the way the company wants to be treated back, and to recognize that the law is there to protect both the company and its customers. These fundamental principles allow them to go into trustworthy and reliable transactions.

Advance America Cash Advance is a duly-listed company at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and one of the pioneer member companies of the Community Financial Services Association (CFSA). Advance America Cash Advance hopes to lead the industry in short term loans and payday advances and drive the reputation of the industry to the highest standards of professionalism.


Advance America Cash Advance provides quick access cash advance to allow customers to have the funds needed to help them cope with their financial situations. A cash advance loan is an effective way for consumers to get a discreet and readily available relief to be able to balance their cash problems without having to ask their friends or relatives. In addition, Advance America Cash Advance does not require its customers to surrender collateral. Cash advance is an affordable option as long as the loans are managed. Advance America Cash Advance gives customers a generous grace period to settle their loan payments if the customer cannot complete the loans by the due date.

Seventy percent of Advance America Cash Advance's customers opted for cash advance loans because of convenience, while only around six percent of consumers take out a loan because there are no other alternatives. In the same study, ninety-two percent believes that cash advance has helped them, while ninety-two percent are satisfied with the service and understand its terms and conditions. Advance America Cash Advance believes in continuing efforts to educate consumers on the advantages and the costs of cash advance loans.

Advance America Cash Advance cash advance services are a viable alternative to curb cash-flow problems because of its flexibility and accessibility. Unlike traditional loans, cash advance loans are quick and easy to get. Many people appreciate the speed, privacy, and convenience of acquiring and paying for these loans. Some people just want a quick and easy fix to meet their financial obligations.

Taking out a short term loan might be a better option for individuals rather than risk bounced checks, bank penalties, or rolling credit card debt. When used wisely, cash advance becomes an excellent tool to help you get through your financial transition.

Customer Support and Care

Advance America Cash Advance focuses on protecting its customers by adding safeguards in their products that meet the consumers' interests. Advance America Cash Advance knows that they exist to help people and not get their customers into more financial trouble.

For this reason, Advance America Cash Advance constantly works with local and state regulators to design a reasonable policy that will work for the customers and the company. Regulations are set forth to prevent misuse of these loans. At the same time, certain limits are imposed so that only the people who have the ability to pay these small loans are allowed to get one.

The basic requirements in taking out an Advance America Cash Advance loans are; the borrower should have a checking account that is active for at least ninety days, the borrower should have a verified place of employment, and he must have a monthly income of at least $1000 per month. The amount of cash advance loans available are based on the monthly income of the borrower; the higher the income, the higher the loan's maximum amount. Advance America Cash Advance is subject to state regulations on short-term lending.

In addition to working with the government to protect consumers, Advance America Cash Advance also advocates consumer awareness and financial literacy. In order to help people through their financial troubles, Advance America Cash Advance aims to raise education on making the right long-term financial decisions. The company understands that while the cash advance service is a great first step to fix financial problems, it is not a long-term solution. Advance America Cash Advance stresses that individuals should consider their ability to repay before they take out a cash advance or apply for other loan options. Advance America Cash Advance promotes laws such as "Truth in Lending Act" to be a model in responsible lending and borrowing.

How Cash Advance Loans Works

In order to take out a cash advance loan, the customer must submit identification documents, billing information, evidence of income, and his or her bank statement. Once the application form is completed, the customer will be presented the terms and conditions of the loan that he or she should agree to, then sign a personal check equal to the amount of the loan plus the loan fee. After which, the customer can secure the cash and as he is advised on the schedule of repayment. The borrower can pay earlier so that he or she can reclaim his or her personal check, or he or she can let the due date pass and let the check pay for the loan.

Advance America Cash Advance loans must be paid within the due date. The loan term is usually two weeks. Unlike traditional loans, interest rates are not compounded, although customers must pay the loan fee by the due date if he or she wishes to extend the loan. For questions regarding loan terms, payment update, and other concerns, customer support is available 24/7.

Other Services from Advance America

A payday loan is the primary service of Advance America Cash Advance, but you can also avail of other services that can make cash transactions convenient for you. One of which is the Visa Prepaid Card. Visa cards, also known as debit cards, have preloaded values that you can use for transactions where Visa cards are accepted. This is especially helpful when you do not have cash on-hand, or if you do not have the right currency when you travel abroad. Unlike credit cards and other debit cards, Visa Prepaid Card from Advance America Cash Advance spends only the money that you loaded. Shoppers do not need to worry about overdraft fees and spiraling interest rates. You can also check your spending activity online, via the phone, or through text messaging.

A variant of the Visa Prepaid Card is the Visa Gift Card. This is also a preloaded card that you can give to your family or friends as a gift. You can loan a specified amount, give out the card, then the gift receiver can choose where she can spend the loaded money. Visa is available in millions of stores worldwide. If you do not have a gift idea, a Visa gift card is an excellent choice.

Advance America Cash Advance also has money transfer services, thanks to its partnership with Moneygram. Moneygram processes international cash transfers, money orders, and bill payments. These services make it easy for cash advance borrowers to send the money quickly. If a customer needs a loan to pay his bills, he can just take out a payday loan from Advance America Cash Advance and pay the bills in the same store with Moneygram.

Contact Advance America Cash Advance

Advance America Cash Advance is one of the premier companies for short term loans and other financial services. It is located in thirty-seven states including the District of Columbia. If you want to apply for a Cash Advance online, visit for online application details. The online application form is the quickest to get your money without going to their customer center. Once your loan is approved, the money will be deposited in your account the next business day.

For comments and suggestions, you can email [email protected]. Advance America Cash Advance offers various resources relating to financial education and money management including household budgeting, personal cash flow analysis, and tips on how to organize your finances to get out of debt.