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I LOVE Ace cash express

I've got 4 or 5 payday loans in the past, and using Ace cash express was the easiest out of all of the other services I've used.

Service: 4 Cost: 4 Funded: 4 Use Again: 4

Ace Cash Express has Great Service, bad fees.

I went into the phoenix location to get a payday loan, the service there was great. The customer service rep that dealt with me knew how to answer all of my questions with ease, one thing she didn't do was FULLY explain how much I would be paying in interest on the loan. If I had known about this upfront I wouldn't have taken the loan from this particular business.

Service: 5 Cost: 2 Funded: 5 Use Again: 3

Ace Cash Express has good customer service

When I needed to get a payday loan they were very professional in telling me the necessary requirements. I got my loan with no issues.

Service: 5 Cost: 4 Funded: 5 Use Again: 5

When it comes to providing customers with a competitive alternative to the traditional financial machine, there are few companies who are better than Ace Cash Express. Slowly but surely, this is one company that has turned itself into a national player in the financial world by pushing its network across the United States. Because they are getting more and more customers each and every day, it is absolutely necessary that the Ace Cash Express network keeps pushing forward with more and more of their convenient stores. They have become very popular because they provide more services than cash advance stores typically specialize in. Instead, they have widened their focus, and they currently give their customers a huge choice of financial services. Among those are things like prepaid phone service, automatic bill pay, cash advance services, and even mortgage loans. While no one of these services is more important than the other, they all combine together to create what has become one juggernaut of a company.

Though the company has not been around for that long, Ace Cash Express has established itself as a winner in its short history. What was the original idea behind the founding of the company? They wanted, above all else, to give customers more options in the financial world. The founders of the company recognized very early on that there were limited options when it came to getting around banks and other big financial companies. The result was a lot of hard work by the people who started Ace Cash Express, and because of that, there is now a very viable option for customers to consider if they don't want to go down to the local bank. The origins of the company go back to basic check cashing and typical payday loan proceedings, but they have gone further than that now. They are now becoming what one might call a "real" financial company, growing each and every month and adding to the things that their customers love about them.

How far has Ace Cash Express' reach gone? They are almost everywhere in the United States, stretching into 37 different states. They also have locations in the District of Columbia. The neat thing about their spread is that are located in all corners of the country, offering something to people in the east, west, north, and south. This company has dual ownership, with some of the locations being company owned, and others being owned by people who operate under franchising conditions. Though they are not yet that big on franchising, with only 149 of their 1,718 stores being franchises, this is something that the executives at Ace Cash Express are working to expand. They want people to understand that this business is a good one, and if it is run correctly, it can be a very lucrative business. It looks as if their efforts are working, too, as lots of people have signed up to own a franchise in the last year. With that franchise option powering the movement, Ace Cash Express is looking forward to having locations in all 50 states sometime in the near future. All this information and much more about the company is available online at If you would like to individually request some information from some of the higher ups in the company, then you need only send an email to [email protected].

So what really makes this company a good one? Above its growth and everything else, the true reason why this is such a good company is because of the numerous services they offer. This has set them apart from other cash advance-based companies and has put them really into a category of their own. The difference with Ace Cash Express is that they are not looking to make a quick profit like some companies are. Many companies just want to make sure that they take advantage of their customers as much as they can. With Ace Cash Express, they are just looking to help their customers and reap the benefits of that service. Where do their services start? Up front, customers will want to know about their extensive check cashing service. This is a check cashing service that is really unlike anything else out there. Most of these companies will cash a couple of different types of checks, and very few of them are willing to touch personal checks. For those companies, there is just way too much risk in cashing a personal check for a person off the street. With Ace Cash Express, this is not a concern. They will cash just about anything, as long as it is legitimate. Among the types of checks they will cash are personal checks as mentioned before, payroll checks, government checks, and lots of other types of financial documents. Usually, there is a huge hassle when it comes to cashing checks, but that is not so much the case with Ace Cash Express' check cashing service. Why is this? It is because they have a security system in place to protect themselves from any criminal misconduct. Financial crime is on the rise today, so they have done this in order to protect themselves. Their system will check the legitimacy of each and every check they cash, so they know that they are not being cheated. This is not only good for the company, but it is also very good for the consumer. With that, the consumer will know that he or she is dealing with a top-notch company, and the consumer will have a chance to cash personal checks. There are few places that actually cash these checks, so this is an important advancement.

When a customer gets a tax refund from the government, Ace Cash Express should be the first place that they go. This is another exciting service that is really setting them above the rest of the crowd. At all their locations, they are just looking to make sure that customers get their hard earned dollars back from the government. Ace Cash Express takes this a couple of steps further, though. It is not enough just to cash one of these checks and give the money to the customer. Sometimes, the customer is going to need to do something with the money right away, like pay a bill or make a purchase online. In addition, the company does not feel good about people carrying large chunks of cash around town right after tax refund time. This is why they give customers a choice when they cash their tax refund checks. At Ace Cash Express, customers can have that tax refund loaded onto a complimentary prepaid Visa card, free of charge. This is a really good incentive to visit Ace Cash Express for customers. It is also just another example of how this company is using their forward thinking to really do things that customers will appreciate.

Along those same lines, you cannot really understand Ace Cash Express unless you first understand their debit card procedures. This is one of the coolest things that they do for their loyal customers. For customers that have trouble getting a bank account and do not have good enough credit for a credit card, Ace Cash Express is willing be of service. If you go into an Ace Cash Express location, you can get your hands on a prepaid Visa card very quickly. They aren't just going to give you any old card, either. When you are with Ace Cash Express, you are going to have the option of choosing your own prepaid Visa card. That means the customer has the chance to pick out a nice design and really feel like the card is theirs. What are these cards good for? According to the company, these cards are really nice for the customers who just can't get their hands on a bank account. What happens when these people need to make a purchase, or pay a bill that requires a credit or debit card? If they do not go to Ace Cash Express, then they might struggle to get those things accomplished. Once customers have gotten one of these cards from Ace Cash Express, they can load the cards quickly by just walking into a location and giving cash to an agent. Then, they will instantly have a card that will work just about everywhere. This really is a great service for lots of customers out there who have run into some problems with their previous financial institutions.

One of the first services that this company provided for its customers was the payday loan advance. This is something that changes depending upon which state a customer lives in, because there are different payday loan laws in different states. Still, Ace Cash Express makes it so their customers can get up to $1000 if they live in a qualifying state. While some companies talk about helping out their customers in a pinch, this is a company that really steps up to the plate. With that amount of money, customers have a chance to tie up the loose ends and take care of the emergencies that can sometimes pop up between pay periods. In addition to looking out for their customers in that way, Ace Cash Express is also very big on financial education. Above all else, they want their customers to make wise decisions with their money. This is why they give out full disclosure about the risks associated with using a payday advance. No one is just going to waltz into an Ace Cash Express and get money without first knowing exactly what they are signing up for. This is one of the ways that this company has taken the lead over other companies in terms of legitimacy.

In line with that is another service that is really designed to keep customers on the right track in their financial lives. One of the easiest ways for people to get into financial trouble and real life trouble is to miss one of their bills. For people who do not have access to credit cards, it can sometimes be difficult to get payments made. This is why the Ace Cash Express bill payment service is such a popular thing for all their customers. They really want their customers to get the money in on time and get those bills paid as quickly as possible. The list of companies that Ace Cash Express offers bill payment for is growing each and every month. Right now, they will make bill payments to more than 100 companies on your behalf. All you have to do is bring the money in, and they will make sure that your bills are paid automatically each and every month. This is a really good way to make sure that a customer's lights and water don't get turned off one month.

Taking a different turn, it is important for people to understand one of the newer services that Ace Cash Express offers for their customers. Their home loan service is what really sets them apart from all the other check cashing type of companies in the country. Those companies will cash a check for a customer, but can they provide the capital for a customer to purchase a home? Now, if a customer happens to live in Colorado or in Texas, they can qualify for a home loan with Ace Cash Express. This process is similar to what a customer would have to go through if he or she tried to get a loan with a bank, but it is very nice that customers don't have to go through all the hassle of getting dressed up to meet a loan officer. When customers want to get a home loan through Ace Cash Express, they know that the process is going to be taken care of as quickly as possible.

Ace Cash Express is a really cool company that employs some progressive thinking. They are constantly raising the bar and pushing the envelope, two things that make them a very attractive bet to have continued success in the future. Above all else, they help their customers, which is a good way to have customers coming back for more.