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United Check Cashing

United Check Cashing

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Do you find that normal banking hours do not coincide with your work schedule and availability? If so, you may benefit from the many services at United Check Cashing. This company has been in business since 1977. It was based in Philadelphia and began franchising in 1992. Since then, United Check Cashing has become the largest check-cashing center in the country. Currently, there are over 140 check-cashing centers located across the United States. This company offers many services aside from cashing checks. They also help people learn to manage money, offer money orders and transfers and have a bill payment option for customers. United Check Cashing offers payday loans, home phone connections, pre-paid credit cards, phone cards, and tax services. Basically, this company can replace your current banking institution.

Most transactions done through this company consist of cashing checks. They will cash almost any issued check, including personal, payroll, government, insurance, commercial, and tax returns. There is a small fee associated with check cashing, usually amounting to only a few cents on the dollar. Money transfers and money orders processed through United Check Cashing go through Western Union, one of the most respected companies in the country. They also have much lower prices than post offices and banks. A money order through United Check Cashing will only cost between $0.95 and $1.30. The cost is almost doubled when done elsewhere.

Payday loans are becoming a popular financial source for short-term loans. These loans provide a small amount of cash that is usually repaid within 2 weeks. These loans provide customers with access to cash in between their normal pay periods. Many times, unexpected costs arise, such as medical expenses, vehicle repair, or even late fees on bills. A payday loan can help with these issues, allowing the customer to access cash quickly. The application process for a loan is simple and approval only takes a few minutes. The funds are then deposited into an active checking or savings account on the next business day. Currently, United Check cashing offers payday loans to the residents of Colorado, California, Florida, Kentucky, and Ohio. The only requirements for obtaining this short-term loan is that the individual must be over 18, a U.S. citizen, have a valid checking account, a steady job and source of income and a working home phone. There is no credit check involved with a payday loan. Almost all applicants are approved and receive funds quickly.

Payday loans are one of the most popular financial services available to customers. There are many competing lenders, but United Check Cashing assures customers that their needs will be met and their satisfaction will be guaranteed. The company has very low fees and interest rates for these loans. To find more information about a payday loan and the application process, visit the company website at

United Check Cashing offers a handy bill payment service. This service is actually cheaper than sending out your bills in the mail. All bills are paid electronically and are usually posted within two days. The service is safe and fast and can save time and money for customers. Most bills can be paid using bill payment, including utilities, cable, cell phone carriers, credit card companies and more. This is a great way to reduce stress and worrying if the payment will arrive on time. Customers can say goodbye to writing checks when using this secure service.

United Check Cashing sells pre-paid credit cards and phone cards, including cellular and long distance. They also handle home phone connections. The phone connections are useful when your home phone has been turned off. Most companies charge a large amount to re-connect your service. The home phone connection at United Check Cashing is affordable. The top providers associated with this company are dPi Teleconnect, Budget Phone and Cat Communications Inc.

There are many other services offered through this company, which currently services residents in the states of California, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Customers will find that United Check Cashing franchises are user-friendly and all employees are eager to please. These stores may very well replace your current bank, simply because they are more accessible. To find out about the variety of services offered at any United Check Cashing location, log on to the website or call 1-800-626-0787 Representatives will be available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. This company strives to provide the best customer service and ensures that the privacy of each individual is always protected. United Check Cashing allows you to take care of all your financial needs in one stop.